Without Joan’s golf workshop for women, I would not have the courage to open this new venture in sales and marketing that I know are so relevant to me as a business woman.
— Ling Insurance Company
Joan, you walked into my door and changed my life…you inspire me and you are on of the most beautiful and dynamic women I have ever met.
— Jill (Audiologist)
“The give and take of the game, the seductive power of the game, the illusion of perfection, golf is a game for life. It provides access to lots of interesting people, and business is all about people.”
— Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric, author of Straight from the Gut
“Career women golfers have typically closed five transactions annually on the golf course at an average value of $110,000.”
— Oppenheimer / Mass Mutual Survey conducted by Golf Digest on “Career Women Golfers,”
“Relationships are everything and golf is a great way to build and maintain those relationships. Remember that everything is hard before it is easy. It is never too late to become better.”
— Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President, OperationsWalt Disney World Resort, and author of Creating Magic

“I remember why golf had never interested me. Today it’s a different story. Golf clothes have style. Thank goodness companies woke up and started designing hip golf clothes.”

Cheryl Ladd Token Chick, A Woman’s Guide to Golfing with the Boys

Joan was the first winner of the
Member-Get-A-Member Campaign and was awarded a round of golf with Michele McGann, seven-time major LPGA tour winner.


Our vision is to help professional women advance to the highest possible levels in their careers. This is accomplished by mentoring them in the use of golf — an extraordinarily powerful business tool. Our goal is to empower women, so, like men, they have equal access to the decision makers in all business settings, including social and informal venues.