BoardRoom Golf All Day Seminar

Golf is a traditional path for building relationships with your boss, your colleagues and potential clients. It’s a four hour opportunity to get to know someone and to be known outside the business climate. Another way to be visible in the business world. It doesn’t have to do with how well you play as much as how well you present yourself and how knowledgeable you are about the game.

In an atmosphere of learning, inspiration and fun, Joan Cavanaugh, one of the nation’s leading experts on women’s golf, a 24 year veteran of women’s golf and former president of the Executive Women’s Golf Association Foundation has created an all day Business Golf program just for you. This interactive session will prepare you to approach every element of the game with knowledge and confidence.

Joan will share with you why golf is so critically important to your success in business. She will show you how to get to a level playing field quickly and get beyond your fears about the game. She will teach you how to leverage golf to develop successful business relationships.

No athletic ability needed.
Equipment provided
Meet at a golf facility in New York City
Breakfast and lunch included

We will cover

  • The Mental Game. the most important part of the game
  • How women and men learn and play the game differently
  • Basic golf skills
  • The must-know etiquette
  • Your minimum golf vocabulary
  • Body anatomy and swing technique
  • Exercise that prepares you for the game
  • Yoga for golf session with an instructor
  • Equipment designed for women
  • Visit to a pro shop
  • Understanding golf course design
  • Fashions that work for you
  • How to invite and be invited to a golf outing for business
  • Your golf business plan for invites and invitations
  • Great women golfers: now and in the past
  • Help in identifying your golf network support
  • How to choose a golf pro that is a fit for you

An LPGA teaching professional will meet you during the seminar and introduce you to the three basic golf clubs and how to use them.

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In this inspirational seminar, you’ll learn essential golf jargon, etiquette and game rules, and see why golf is so critically important to your success in business.

“Relationships are everything and golf is a great way to build and maintain those relationships.
Remember that everything is hard before it is easy. It is never too late to become better.”
— Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President, Operations Walt Disney World Resort, author Creating Magic