Try it, you'll like it!

So now if you read my last blog you may be giving some casual or serious thought to examining what it takes to even learn the game.

I sadly did not do this until I was 49, which by the way coincided with my marriage to Joe, an avid golfer. In fact, Joe cautioned me many times in our six month courtship that he golfed on weekends and every other possible four hour break in his life. I answered that I thought that was great as I was busy in my own business and as an entrepreneur I worked all the time. That was enough to convince him and on April 14,1986 he asked me to marry him.

Not until we were married six months later did I find myself on the course with him. I was witnessing first hand his passion for the game and so I agreed to cautiously try it. He gave me a set of his clubs and said the magic words after my first several swings, "you are a natural at this game"

So how do you know you can or can’t learn the game if you don’t try it?