Who is Joan C. Cavanaugh?

Consummate business woman, successful entrepreneur, teacher, and business golf coach, Joan is a Certified Success Coach & Consultant. She uses her many years of academic teaching, entrepreneurship and career mentoring to assist women in the game of golf.

Her mission is to teach women the art of using golf to develop successful relationships and further their lifestyle. Step by step, she illustrates how golf can become a vital tool in providing women with the ability to socialize on and off the golf course.

While building her publishing company, Joan’s own experiences as a novice golfer taught her how important it is to embrace the game without intimidation, and feel confident about what’s ahead. She shares her research in the best ways for women to approach and learn the game in her lively and inspiring golf workshops and seminars.

Joan gives seminars at some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world including: Pebble Beach, Old Head in Ireland, Ravens Point in Thailand, as well as courses throughout the United States and Canada.

Joan’s emphasis is on teaching golf as a game where physical skill accounts for only 10% of the performance equation. She believes golf is an art form and a social sport that can be easily learned by women. She’s convinced women can excel in this golf because they’re:

  • hardwired with verbal aptitude

  • able to use the yin/yang: the two sides of her brain

  • intuitive and collaborative

  • natural risk-takers

  • good listeners and relationship builders

  • highly adaptable to changing situations

  • able to dress to inspire and project authority

  • know how to fit in by asking questions

  • task oriented and able to see the big picture

Joan C. Cavanaugh Biography »

Joan C. Cavanaugh Biography »

Recent Awards

  • Canon Businesswoman of the Year

  • Office Depot Businesswoman of the Year

  • President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the National Board of Executive Women’s Golf Association

Golf and Business Memberships

  • Executive Women’s Golf Association

  • USGA Women Committee for Girl’s Golf

  • Women in The Golf Industry

  • LPGA USGA Girl’s Golf Program

  • National Association of Professional Woman

  • Longshore Women's Golf Association